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Beautiful waterfalls

In Serbia so far it has been discovered more than 90 waterfalls that are major attraction for domestic and more and more for foreign tourists.

Yet there are those that may occur every visitor eager different nature, but still not enough promoted. In the article we will introduce you to some of the most interesting waterfalls that are hiding our mountains. A third of Serbian waterfalls are located in Stara Mountain. Some of them you maybe have noticed on the impressive photographs of nature and unaware that you do not have to go far to see them. It is interesting that some of them are very close to the visited tourist centers, but again they may not known enough. To some it is hard to reach because of the rugged terrain, for some it is only heard but still not a special tourist attraction although it certainly has the potential.

We present to you 8 beautiful waterfalls in Serbia:

Waterfall Gostilje
Waterfall Gostilje has been surely at least a few times close to you, and you did not even know existed. The hydrological value of Zlatibor is located only 25 km from the center of this popular tourist mountain, and yet, it happens that even domestic tourists spend their holidays and do not visit this magical sight. With 20 meters high crashing the mighty waterfall that later breaks into several smaller waterfalls and flowing into the river Katusnica. This beauty, which is formed on Gostiljska stream dries up even through the summer months. Given the fact that the temperature is always a few degrees lower and that the droplets create shower effect that is especially popular among tourists when is high heat. For this waterfall say it is one of the most beautiful in our percent of an appropriate environment that complements it. Limestone rocks are an ideal base to him, which is a contrast green as moss, two wooden bridges give this location rustic look and visitors are always happy with the scene. This is a waterfall that is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Those who come to him often start barbecue and spend the day, and nearby there is a fish restaurant where you can enjoy the specialties of fish.

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Waterfall Veliki Buk – Lisine
Waterfall Lisine is a little – known neighbor of Resava Cave and Monastery Manasija which is housed near Despotovac. The tourist complex here offers rustic experience nature and next to it can be and spend the night if at the time you book. To reach the waterfall Veliki Buk need to go back in time, you pass one a farm, a step along the creek and there you are. The waterfall is not very high, but regardless of extremely attractive and interesting to tourists. In the surroundings of the waterfall is possible to encounter restaurants with its own pond where you can see rare albino trout. The waterfall is particularly interesting in summer when visitors cool it under it, but people like to see him during the autumn months when they only “look at him”. Ethnic restaurants, mill, part of the ambience in the cave are bats in the cave and that the arguments for a holiday that is different from the usual tourist sites. Waterfall is along with river Vrelo protected by the state.

Foto by: Zoran Kocic

Waterfall Prskalo
Waterfall majestic look settled on the slopes of the Juznog Kucaja on river Nekudovo. The high is 15 meters, while the named because of the numerous droplets bounce off the wall. Nearby is a water source that is surrounded by lush vegetation and blue moss green. Waterfall is placed next to the road so that lures travelers who pass that way, but it has happened to those who are trying to come to him to be returned by towing service. This unusual site of Kucaja is also saved from any kind of urbanization and the environment it is green and nature that soothes. Near the waterfalls are a wooden table and chairs so that in spite of this beauty can relax in a rustic ambience. This is one of a waterfall that was not popularized enough, although already there are those nature lovers who are its “backyard” camped.

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Waterfall Ripaljka
Waterfall Ripaljka can visit all those who are resting in Sokobanja or exploring Mount Ozren. The waterfall is located 5 km from the spa, a clearly marked path leads to curious visitors of exotic locations. It consists of 11 sections with a total height of about 40 meters. Height of the highest sections is 11 m, underneath the section height of 5 m, while the others are smaller and vary from 0.5 to 2 m. Ideally placed in your environment and you have the feeling that you are in a tropical exotic places. Ripaljka has earned its name because it’s ripa, as in the this area says for jumping. And near this waterfall can be grilled as above it is picnic area, but keep in mind what you will leave behind because you should know that this is the first protected natural monument in Serbia.

Foto by: Sasa Rancic

Waterfall Tupavica
The first pearl of Stara Mountain waterfalls, perhaps is one of the most beautiful discovered by us. Wide and tall waterfalls that cascade falling provide a magnificent waterfall looks of unusual names. This magnificent gift of nature is located on a little more than 5 kilometers from the Dojkinci although it’s not very easy to reach. Curious nature lover needs to cross several bridges that could close up to admire this incredible scene, and one of the bridges washed away and the flood and became even more inaccessible than usual.Tupavica is especially nice in winter. On the Stara Planina special attraction for nature lovers are frozen waterfalls that during the heavy minuses look a bit like a fairytale to say. One of those who feels the cold is waterfall Tupavica and those who goes in winter to look him, will have what to see and take the pictures of it.

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Waterfall Piljski
Another waterfall from the arsenal of Stara Mountain is the Piljski Waterfall. This, they say the second largest waterfall, high over 60 meters, and it is interesting that he was discovered only in 2002, although the locals knew about it much earlier. One of the reasons he’s so long been hidden from the rest of the world is inaccessible terrain that leads to it, and who can overcome only by experienced mountaineers. The waterfall consists of two cascades: Upper and Lower Pilj says, and is located at an altitude of over 1,400 meters. Knjazevac mountaineers say the campaign on Piljski waterfall, is a true research actions, because to all its participants this was the first contact with that part of Stara Planina. Piljski waterfall hidden shrubs and dense woods and a variety of plants but worth a look because, as it says by Knjazevac mountaineers who saw it, has a serenity.

Foto by: Zoran Kocic

Waterfall Cunguljski
Waterfall Cunguljski is one of the hidden gems of Stara Mountain. We have already mentioned in the text that this mountain hides even a third of our waterfalls, and to some is possible only if you are an experienced mountaineer in the appropriate gear. Founded on Toplodoska river has a height of 42 meters impressive. Ten kilometers separate it from the village of Topli Do and is named after the mountain top Cungulj in whose foothills are located. It was discovered in 1996 by researchers astray on rugged terrain. Characterized by the annual cut through rock to centrimetar, which is caused by a strong and fast torrents that occur during the melting of snow. This field hardly accessible gem is located in the neighborhood of two more waterfalls Kurtela and Pilja, and to him for now can only get the most experienced researchers of our mountains.

Foto by: Zoran Kocic

Waterfall Mokranjske stene
In the vicinity of Negotin can also find another scene with cards or surreal images that you see on the Internet and think they are too far away from us. At about ten kilometers from Negotin, Sikolska river was breaking its way through the hills and along the way made an unusual oasis that seems unreal. The river has formed a waterfall and a lake which together create a special visual effect. Of course it is not just about appearance, many local residents nearby places to swim here, although at the time of vegetation overgrowth is not easy to reach this particular locality. Otherwise it is assumed that during the Romans had a bridge that connects the two largest rocks. Archaeologists have found a rock on the tops of many old items from that era. It is also assumed that there is a cave under a rock, called “Hajducka cave”. The lake under the waterfall is rich in fish, so this is really confirmed oasis of untouched nature.

    Author: Gordana Ivkovic
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