5 most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Foto by: Vladan Scekic

Viewpoints we are proud

Do you believe in love at first sight? This time we present five beautiful viewpoints in Serbia offering a view that awakens feelings for falling in love at first sight.

This magnetic attraction in point of time in relationships, we are leaving for another day, and on this occasion we present the five most beautiful viewpoints in Serbia from which extends a view that awakens feelings for falling in love at first sight.

Viewpoint Banjska stena
On the mountain Tara, 10 km from the resort Mitrovac, there is a viewpoint Banjska Stena. Lookout is named after "Banjska vrelo" which is exuded in his foot with a water temperature of 4 degrees, which was sunk in the construction of reservoirs Perućac. To the lookout, which is located at 1024 m altitude, arriving adequately marked, unpaved road that runs through the woods. At the top, there are benches and a part of the dangerous security fence. Beautiful view of the lake Perucac at canyon river Drina and area Osata in BiH, which extends from the Goat Rocks, as they had called this vantage point, leaves no one indifferent.

Foto by: Zoran Kocic

Viewpoint Molitva
This is one of the most beautiful viewpoints with us and is in the nature reserve "Uvac". It can be reached via the Tit to Ivanjica. Footpath to the viewpoint is decorated with wooden platform leads through the rugged landscapes of outstanding beauty, and all times during the exposure of your views will occupy the meanders of the river Uvac. Viewpoint Molitva is at an altitude of 1247 meters, a total climb from camp in Previn (8 km from the arbor), of which there is a catwalk 378 feet. Since the wall of the canyon of the river Uvac is habitat of Griffon vulture, is likely to view your complete and a few years of this rare and protected species of birds.

Foto by: Jovan Miladinovic

Viewpoint on Kablar Mountain
And the most beautiful to look at, according to many, the most vivid gorge Serbia will provide you with this viewpoint. Until it can be reached in five different ways, depending on which of the paths you choose to go, the lighter, so much more difficult and challenging. Top Kablar marked by a stone slab and from reaching view of Ovcar-kablar Gorge in whose high and steep slopes are open several caves. Look at the meanders of the Western Morava, which flows through the gorge, Shepherd spa, Cacak and mountain Ljubic irritate the sense of sight so it is no surprise that this destination is often the destination for photographers.

Foto by: facebook.com/ carolije republike srbije

Viewpoint Ploce
Viewpoint Ploce is one of the best places to see the beauty of the Iron Gates gorge in its full force. From this place provides, in the opinion of many experienced climbers, the best view of the narrowest part of the gorge that is located on the massif Miroc. To this, perhaps still little known viewpoint is usually reachable on foot, it is recommended on tours if you are not an experienced mountaineer. Timely is not demanding routes due to the fact that it is at 355 meters above sea level. Recommendation is to reach the plateau Ploce that is rich reserve for hunters and whose hosts keep hunting stories from days of Tito, and then from there go straight to the viewpoint of the same name that provides special perspective on the impressive Iron Gate. Photos of hikers and tourists who got their hands on the viewpoint is sufficient motive to everyone who went on a tour of the Iron Gate to come here.

Foto by: Branislav Andric

Viewpoint Kapija podrinja
Kapija Podrinja represent the youngest of all the viewpoints and is open during 2016. Viewpoint is located at the hill Debelo Brdo next to the highway. This has always been an attractive location for tourists because of the beautiful views of the natural surroundings of Bajina Basta. By renovating this viewpoint it has now a plateau in wood and concrete structures, benches for visitors, gravel parking and thuja, whichmake the stay more comfortable.

    Author: Jelena Jovicic/Gordana Ivkovic
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