5 reasons to visit the Zlatar Mountain

Perfect destination for this summer

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Holiday on the Zlatar can be perfect

Zlatar is an extraordinary mountain located in the south-west part of Serbia, between four rivers: Lim, Uvac, Milesevka and Bistrica. Dense forests, vast meadows and a moderate climate, as well as 285 sunny days per year are only some of the characteristics that make this mountain a unique natural treasure of Serbia.

Usually people in the wintertime choose the mountain as their destination to rest, skii and relax. However, because of its natural characteristics and tourissm potential, mountains can be an excellent choice even in the summer months. We give you 5 reasons why you should decide to spend your summer on the Zlatar Mountain.

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A rest from the city noise
The Zlatar Mountain has a mixture of a mountain and Mediterranean climate. Enjoyable temperatures during the day and cool nights will help you relax from the tropical heats in the city. The air on the mountain, which has a curative function, as a consequence of mixing three air currents, will only add to your enjoyment. As such, it is ideal for people who suffer from cardio-vascular diseases.

An ideal place to take a hike
With numerous marked hike tracks, Zlatar is the ideal place to take a hike, relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. The mountain peak is named Golo brdo, from which a wonderful landscape can be seen with the accent on forest greenery. The mountain is rich with vast meadows and wonderful forest containing spruce, birch as well as Serbian spruce.

Numerous monasteries nearby the mountain
If you love to visit monasteries and other religious sites, the Zlatar mountain will offer you exactly that. The monastery of Saint Kozma and Damjan is located only a few kilometers from the mountain's highest peak. It is built totally out of wood, and surrounded by coniferous forests, and represents a real oasis of peace, faith and spirituality on this mountain. If you visit the monastery, you will be greeted by a monk named Gavrilo, who will be more than welcome to speak to you and make sure you are treated well.

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The canyon of the river Uvac
If the aforementioned reasons have not convinced you into visiting Zlatar this summer, the following will most surely do. The river Uvac, one of the most beautiful sights in Serbia, is a destination that you must see if you decide to visit Zlatar. This natural reserve represents a true natural treasure of this area. In the valley of this river, three lakes have been formed: Zlatarsko, Uvacko and Radoinjsko. One thing that will take your breath away is the picturesque view of the mixing meanders of this river. The best choice to enjoy this view is the viewpoint Molitva, which is located above the lake Uvac. Uvac is also known as the biggest habitat of a rare vulture in the Balkans, the Griffon vulture. Namely, this species has been at the brink of extinction for a few decades, and in this moment, more than 300 birds of this species with a stately size and a breathtaking wingspan is located in the canyon of the Uvac river. If you are to stay for a while at the viewpoint, you are bound to see at least one. Also, Uvac is also known by its cave system, which is one of the longest in the country. For all adventure hunters, Uvac offers a possibility of taking a cruise, a totally different way of enjoying the beautiful nature of this region.

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The hospitality of local people and homemade products
If you like to feel as if you were at home, Zlatar is the real place to do so. The hospitality and the kindness of the local people on this mountain are extraordinary and unusual. You will find a big smile and a happy face whenever you encounter someone local. The residents of Zlatar tend to use every part of their gold-like worth tourist potential of this mountain, and they invest more and more in village tourism. In order to fully activate all your senses during this stay, you will have to try some of the gourmand specialties of traditional cuisine that is nurtured here. Almost every house produces the famous Zlatar cheese, and the locals even organize a contest in making that kind of cheese during the summer.

We are sure you will not regret if you decide to visit the unspoiled nature of the Zlatar mountain.

    Author: Nevena Spasojevic
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