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The most beautiful Serbian reserves

Serbia is a beautiful country and very rich in beautiful and untouched whiledness. It has many nature reserves and we have tried to introduce you five of them that many have not even heard of, let alone visited.

Serbia is a country rich in nature beauties who hes for now under protect about 75 nature reserves. We present you 6 realy beautiful.

Canyon of the Jerma River
The canyon of the river Jerma is nature reserve which may not be familiar, but that is so beautiful that it is really a shame not to see it. Jerma River originates near the Vlasina Lake and empties into Nisava and one part flowing through Bulgaria. The flow of this river is 74 km long, passing through unique natural beauty but in spite of significant cultural and historical monuments. The canyon of the river Jerma is the narrowest canyon cut in Europe, but this is not his only specificity. This canyon is surrounded by caves, stone figures and lush vegetation. The canyon is unfortunately known only to lovers of hiking who are accustomed to climbing the goat paths, but one of the problems is that the beautiful canyon is not sufficiently represented, so the residents and their surrounding towns and villages insufficiently known or do not even know about it.

Carska bara
For this place you may have heard once in passing, but did you know that Carska Bara special nature reserve with many lakes, ponds and various plant spiecis. This nature reserve is situated between the three cities of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin. Here are intertwined rivers, lakes, canals and ponds and the place painted different colors of nature. There are blue lakes, forest brown, pale yellow and white marsh. The vegetation is rich unlimited and you will find here Butomus, pond Perunko, jezenica, duck weed and many plant species that you can not see so often. By diversity does not lag behind the animal world and Carska Bara can encounter wild boar, roe deer, fox, rabbit or ferret and, hedgehog, grass snake, a weasel and the like. Carska Bara is a favorite among hunters and fishermen, and regularly visit and tourists eager moments in true nature.

Foto by: Branislav Andric

Canyon of the Black River
It is one of the protected nature reserve on the plateau Divcibare mountain Maljen. Rivers, streams and streams of this mountain by its course carved interesting notches and gorges throughout canyon and formed waterfalls which also gathered rich flora and fauna and gathered to obtain the title of nature reserves. Nature Reserve, which is especially nice and interesting for experienced hikers and curious tourists just at Black River. Gorge of the Black River with the ridge Ljuti Krs, on the half hour from Divcibare, enriches more waterfalls, water resources, and are decorated with thick forests of conifers. Who goes personally to get to know this rich reserve must know that during a tour of the canyon of the river, be sure to wear waterproof clothing and footwear, in order to properly could see all the beauty that this place offers. Divcibare area is covered by coniferous and deciduous forests. Of conifers are represented by white, black pine, fir, spruce, juniper and mountain pine, and deciduous of beech and birch, white ash, oak, cer. In late april, there is a most beautiful flower of the mountain - narcissus, and next to it can be found and wild strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Reserve Black River covers an area of 60 ha. It is located around the source of the river. The reserve is attractive because of the few relief forms, and rich flora and fauna. In addition to these Divcibare has Calac stream, Zabalac and the Devil Source.

Rainforest Vinatovaca
The only rainforest in Serbia, which is located in the center of Kucaj mountains and to that is not so simple and easy to reach. Who would know that we have a rainforest, not to mention how rich it is?! That is perhaps the reason why the nature reserve so faithfully preserved and conveys the image that Serbia looked like centuries ago. Although beautiful, it is also difficult to reach, mainly visit by students of the Faculty of Forestry. Those who cross the difficult road has a lot to see. Beech in Vinatovaca are in diameter more than a meter and high and up to 45 meters. Age of individual trees is estimated to be 300 years or more. The real challenge for visitors is that it should be only seen by your own eyes this wonder of nature. Vinatovaca is under state protection of the highest level, which means that it is strictly forbidden any human intervention. This means that it can't be touched anything or be elected or pick flowers or mushrooms. If a beech falls under the influence of snow and wind, it remains there.

Foto by: Ana Jazic

Upper Danube
Upper Danube falls into the category of special nature reserves, due to different types of resources that have been preserved until today. This reserve is located in the far northeast of Vojvodina and is ideal for those who stay in the countryside imagine such a long boat ride through the Danube backwater with the roar of a deer and the flight of rare birds. Part of a large floodplain which extends in neighboring Hungary and Croatia, and after the delta is the most important wetland in the entire Danube. Upper Danube is characterized by exceptional biodiversity and is one of the last refuges for wildlife related to floodplains. There you will see over 51 species of mammals, 280 species of birds, 50 species of fish, 11 species of amphibians ... However, long boat ride on the calm backwaters, rich plant and animal life is not all that will provide this diverse reserve from the northern province. Its special feature is the cultural heritage with which you will be familiar if you set off to the treasury. As a result of adapting to the great river and formed the typical native customs, costumes, language, fish tools, boats and dishes that attract visitors and Upper Danube are an attractive destination for visitors. Near Apatin and Sombor this nature reserve is well connected and can easily get to it, colorful landscapes of forests, the sounds of rare animal species, many species of fish bait by hunters, fishermen and tourists looking for natural aesthetics. There is therefore organized rural tourism, tourism as well as the manifest gatherings for hunters and fishermen.

Foto by: Branislav Andric

Canyon of the River Tresnjica
It is another natural wealth so valuable that it is protected as a nature reserve. The impressive creations of nature that is little or almost unknown, makes a big turist potential. Cold river that breaks and cuts through the high walls to make its way creates an amazing sight. For this canyon is said to be wild, but hikers are happy to break through the rocky paths because at the end is waiting them a swim in the icy river Tresnjica and if you believe their story is worth the effort. However, this visual moment is not all that adorns the hidden canyon. Here is hiding Griffon Vulture, protected species that has only in the canyon Uvac. In addition to this king of height here is still located rare plant and animal species. Down below rocks flow river Upper Tresnjica where it spawn drina's graft. There is strictly forbidden fishing.

    Author: Gordana Ivkovic
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