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Foto by: Vladan Scekic

Amazing Springs in Serbia

The springs in Serbia are the places that can hypnotize you and confuse. To admire the turquoise water, or blue-green source does not have to go to one of the Greek islands, it is enough to visit one of the many and amazing sources of Serbian rivers.

Beautiful colors of springs maybe surprised you at some photos that present the natural beauty of Serbia, but those who have seen them live say that the feeling is incomparable. For some it is not known how deep, for one does not know whether are the biggest fountain or shortest river, but they all agree that it is location to further improve and promote. See what are the most beautiful 6 springs in Serbia.

Krupajsko Spring
Krupajsko Spring is the most popular and certainly the most well-known spring in Serbia. Almost everyone knows the photo of the spring and most at first thought that this is from a fantasy forest on the other side of the planet. However, to see the turquoise jewel is enough to stop by the Eastern Serbia. Western foot of the mountain Beljanica save this precious and all the mysteries that researchers have not yet been able to determine how much they like the depths of beautiful spring? The transparency of the water at different times is from 1 to 5 meters, and some research from a decade ago assume that the depth could be over 120 meters. Another of the mysteries is the origin of this Krupaj Spring? Because no stream fills with water spring. Krupajsko Spring starts from Krupaja River, which later flows into the Mlava as its left tributary. This idyllic spring not always looked like this. Initially, there existed a wooden dam collapsed by the water, and then built a dam of sterner stuff and since than received an appearance of lake. However, it's not a lake in which you will be happy to jump in considering that the water temperature is between 9 and 11 degrees. Water is pre dam construction stood out from the cave, whose now you see only a part. The road to the spring is available to everyone, because is coming from one of surrounding city, and that area offers valuable natural and cultural - historical sights. On the way to the spring is the Monastery Manasija, and is also close to the Ravanica Monastery, the endowment of Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic.

Foto by: Irena Cuckovic

Mlava Spring
Mlava Spring is protected as a hydrologic monument of the first category. The reason for this can be noticed at first glance, but the list of features that gave it the status is a lot longer. Zagubica Spring, what's his other name, is the source of the River Mlava and widely known as a tourist attraction. The first reason for that is its amazing look that owes to algae. They provide a blue green color of the Spring Mlava, why tourists come at least to took pictures next to this marvelous oasis. Wooded slopes only emphasize the magical color of the water, whose transparency is sometimes up to 10 meters. Spring Mlava is only one kilometer from the center of Zagubica, and tourists do not need a lot of skills to discover dark green jewel of the area. The temperature of the springs is from 9 to 11 degrees. The sprind has the look as the lake, and the environment is an excellent regulated so tourists can relax and enjoy the blue - green scene depending on how the light plays with water.

Foto by: Nikola Milovanović

Gradac Spring
But not one, but two springs. Gradac River is interesting for its many features among which is that it has two springs - Springs Gradac widely known for its beauty. The first spring is Zelenci and consist from 7 sources on the left bank of the river, spread over a length of one hundred meters. Through the power of the most powerful first and highest source that emanates from the wall above the river bed. Another area highlight is about 250 m downstream, the concave part of the river meander, to his right. For the most part, the highlight of this spring, which is called a spinning wheel, masked by water river flow of Gradac, and water spring Zelenci. Gradac River known for its purity gathers rich animal world. Pureness of the water to Gradac Spring provides an unforgettable look and experience to all those who decide to visit them.

Foto by: Vladan Scekic

Perucac Spring
The largest spring or shortest river that is the question. Perucac Spring, another spirng in Serbia, is leading the battle against Krupajsko, for the most beautiful spring in Serbia. Many call this spring and river, and even has a different name for that - Year, because of its length of 365 meters. For now definitely appointed as the largest spring in Serbia. This spring is located ten kilometers from Bajina Basta, behind a mountain of Tara. Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful locations in western Serbia. Perucac is one of the springs which boasts with exceptional water purity. At start, there are even the fishponds to which there are regulated paths and environment. Waters of this spring passing through the village of Perucac and those who have visited him say that is especialy important in the summer months when they refreshes the whole city. One of the most beautiful characteristics of Perucac Spring is that water passes over rocks with such force that in one moment makes slopes and waterfall. Visitors who had the opportunity to see the biggest spring in Serbia, criticize that is developed only part of the pond instead of along the entire course. Many who have visited him say that it is the Perucac most beautiful spring in Serbia.

Foto by: Branislav Andric

Taorska Springs
The right time to envy this beauty which perhaps you've never even heard is in spring. Then on this spring has the most water and therefore during these months you can enjoy the most impressive release of these springs that are located near Valjevo. Today almost forgotten, used to be the main asset of tourist brochures in Yugoslavia. Although now don’t have that look, still continue to act fairly powerful and magical, say those who have struggled to come to them. Taorska Springs were a tourist attraction to the 80s of last century, when the springs capped and the water taken for the purposes of Kosjeric water pipelines. Despite this, the water is still here exoticly overflow from the opening of the cave over the rocks and managed to create the impression of a waterfall in some distant country. Springs flow into the river Skrapez whose origins under Povlen, one of the most Valjevo mountains. It is interesting that here used to keep 12 watermills but unfortunately until now only a few survive. To springs can be reached by car via Kosjeric and there is a bus that goes from Valjevo to Donji Taori.

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Spring Grza
A favorite picnic site of Paracin it could be and a serious attraction among domestic tourists. The whole river has a blue green color, so at least describe the lucky ones who enjoyed picnicking beside her. However, the right to enjoyment is when you climb 3 km upstream and get to the Spring Grza. There are a number of sources, but the most beautiful as they say under the beech, a time to visit is the same spring. Precisely because it has the most water during that period, but its intensity gives an excellent impression to the viewer to an exciting spring. The water here falls in cascades with green frame surrounding nature and makes a scene that will be etched in my mind. Impressions of those who have visited this excursion are different. Some say that the traces of human habitation are visible on all sides and that misses few wooden benches, others argue that the environment is nice furnished. Yet all are unanimous in the fact that is all forgotten when it comes to Spring Grza. There is a bridge of love, on which can be found and a few locks just like in Vrnjacka Banja. Also, there is the path of health and local caves for all those who love the nature to see as much as possible. While you're there you can visit the Monasteries Ravanica, Sveta Petka and Manasija. Many say that for this trip should be set aside at least one day. The food is also trump card of this place so it is recommended that you try Grza trout, beans from Grza or lamb.

    Author: Gordana Ivkovic
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