Skadarska street

Foto by: Miroslav Lj Rankovic

Bohemian quarter in the heart of Belgrade

Skadarska Street or Skadarlija, is not boulevard, not a avenue but curving cobblestone alley. It is already bohemian and romantic quarter of the Belgrade city sung in many songs and told in many stories.

Street 400 meters long fractional managed to keep the spirit of old times, authenticity, old look with cobblestone asphalt identical façade and bars that stand in the same place for more than 150 years. If you want to have a good time in the old-fashioned way with a lot of Serbian brandy, good food and live music played by tamburitza, then you need to visit Skadarlija. It revives the spirit of friendship and cheerful night life, the way it once was. The street is named after the Albanian city of Shkodra and became popular at the end of XIX century, after it was closed the famous cafe Dardanelles on Republic Square. Skadarlija has accepted everything from rich people and artists to craftsmen and ministers.

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Due to the proximity of the National Theatre at the end of XIX and beginning of XX century here lived many actors, and with them came other artists, poets, writers, painters. Thus, Skadarlija became a spiritual oasis and the type of art colony in the city that after World War I began to develop rapidly. Today it is a favorite place of tourists and inevitable that mandatory bar one morning welcome in one of the many taverns. This part of town with its offer in the form of souvenirs, traditional crafts, selling flowers and disparate works of art was set up to resemble a Parisian Monmart, Golden Prague street or the Athenian Plaka.

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If you are visiting Belgrade, easy walk through the center of town we reach the bohemian quarter in ten minutes. We recommend it for daily walks with a visit to the galleries with a mandatory stop-off to the house of Djura Jaksic, famous Serbian poet and painter, one of the key figures of Serbian Romanticism; after renovation in 1986, this house gets the gallery. House recognizable by his statue serves as a small exhibition space that hosts concerts, literary readings and exhibitions. Admission is always free. Gallery "AS" with a twenty-year tradition of selling paintings of superior quality. It features the work of many famous and less famous authors made techniques such as oil painting, pastel, prints, watercolors and more, and also different motives (landscapes, naive, death nature and the like). A little further there is a building of the former brewery BIP which once belonged to a rich belgrade family Bajloni. At the end of the street you will find a fountain Sebilj, a replica of the fountain which is located in Bascarsija in Sarajevo. For evening are reserved restaurants indispensable for tasting local specialties and enjoy the live music. Most visited the tavern decorated in Serbian style, offering our traditional cuisine – Dva Bela Goluba, Tri Sesira, Mali Vrabac, Moj Sesir, Zlatni Bokal, Ima dana, Dva Jelana and Putujuci Glumac. Many celebrities could not resist the specialties of skadarlija tavern during a visit to Belgrade, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, George H.W.Bush, Antoly Karpov and many others.

From Skadarlija goes on Dorcol, part of the town rich in monuments like the Bayrakli Mosque, the Museum of Vuk Karadzic and Dositej Obradovic, the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Gallery of Frescoes, Strahinjic Ban street known for its many restaurants and cafes, and easy walk this story ends at the Danube quay "25th maj", where are the bike trail, tennis courts, pool and bars on water(splavovi).

    Author: Ana Jazic
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