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Top Serbian tourist attractions

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10 most popular Serbian destinations

Synonyms for Serbia to most people are Belgrade's nightlife, the music festival Exit in Novi Sad, good food and hospitality of its inhabitants. Although all of these things will certainly provide you enjoyment, Serbia has to offer much more than that.

Though small, the country is rich in natural phenomena, cultural and historical monuments as well as locations for vacation and adrenaline tourism. For Serbia you will need a break of several days, so these 10 places (destinations) are just a few of the locations that you need to see to be able to say that you were actually in this country.

Djavolja Varos
This amazing location in Serbia was in the race for the new seven wonders of the world. The aforementioned creation of nature is something that you will definitely remember and want to shoot a million times. Natural Monument is situated in the south of Serbia, about 300 kilometers from Belgrade, and is very rare in the world. Earth figures with stone caps on the top of which can go at a height of 15 m are formed to the specific processes of erosion, which lasted for several centuries. About 200 of these figures together with the surrounding nature create a unique and mystical relief that impresses visitors. Similar creations of nature there are in the Alps, in France and in America, but there are smaller and not so stable. Earthen formations in Devil's Town is constantly changing, and this natural monument is a specific and highly acidic medicinal water sources. It is interesting that in recent years have begun to form a new earth formations, or will they reach their full size running through several centuries. There are various theories about how this site got its name. One of the legend says that the clay figures actually petrified wedding. Once upon a time there lived a humble, quiet and to their faith committed residents. It's mind the devil and he put them "the devil's water" to forget the kinship relations. After they drank the water, stunned villagers decide to marry a brother and sister. Villa failed to reason guests, and they went to the church with the bride and groom to the wedding. She then began to pray that God will somehow prevent incest. God listened to her request, put the sky to the ground, blew strong, cold wind and petrified wedding guests with the bride and groom. Who wants to see a real spectacle should visit Devil's town at night when they are illuminated with earthen formations as much as 15 million different shades of lights. Staying here, because of the nature, will give you a very pleasant feeling, and you will be able to make and break for lunch at a restaurant where the specialty guessed it - the devil kebabs.

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Djerdap Gorge
If you want to see the best of nature in Serbia, Iron Gate should be one of your destinations. Iron Gate is a piece of paradise between the Balkans and the European Union, in which it combines superior beauty of nature and traces of history that testify to its importance. The highest cliffs in Europe drew the most beautiful face of the Danube and clearly delineated that beauty with mountains from Serbian and Romanian side. Iron Gate linking the four valleys and four gorges through which the Danube shows its variable nature. Golubac Gorge, Lady’s Vortex, Small and Big Kazan are the gorges which they unify into one, the Iron. Kazan is a city in the Iron Gate where the river seems to boil (in boiling cauldron) because of the many vortices that are occurring there. The maximum depth of the Danube through the gorge is 80 meters. The tank is a place where the Danube is the closest (160 meters), and the wall plates, above the Kazan, offers the best view of the Iron Gate. The best way to experience the beauty of this place is a cruise on the Danube through the Iron Gate with recommendation to be on a sunny day in spring. The beauty of the mighty Danube is not the only thing you will notice during sailing. Traian Board can be seen only during the cruise. It is set in the time of Roman Emperor Traian, and during the construction of hydroelectric power Djerdap Romans road was flooded, so the board moved 21.5 meters up. Monument Decibel, the largest monument in Europe, you will see while sailing Iron Gate. The monument is 40 meters high and was built by the powerful Romanian businessman (in more flexible interpretations - tycoon) Constantin Dragan who has invested a fortune in chiseling the statue Decibels on the Romanian side of the Iron Gate. While you're in the area you can visit the medieval Golubac Fortress and Silver Lake, which is one of the favorite resorts among domestic tourists.

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Vrnjacka Banja
Queen of the spas in Serbia and is the largest spa in the country. She earned her epithet because it is the most visited. Tourists love to visit because of the beautiful design and different things that you can do here. This place will give you everything from mineral springs and pleasant climate to one of the biggest electronic music festival in Serbia. At 200 km from Belgrade, near the mountain Goc is an excellent place to rest but also have fun at the same time. Its biggest advantage is the mineral springs, which have been used since ancient times. In Vrnjacka Banja spa has seven mineral springs hot water, Slatina, Sneznik, Jezero, Borjak, Beli Izvor and Vrnjacko boiling. Four of these springs are used in medicine for the therapy, and with three of them being bottled as natural mineral water. One of the oldest spring on this point has over 2,000 years and used by legions of Emperor Constantine and the spring was closed after World War II when covered with stone plates. Spring has been re-discovered in 1989, and above it is placed a glass pyramid. In addition to the mineral springs and moderate pleasant climate, an important trump of Vrnjacka Banja are its parks that make a stay here so friendly. In the central park is recently built and Japanese garden where you can relax completely. One of the trademarks of Vrnjacka Banja spa is definitely a Bridge of love that has hundreds of couples in love padlocks. A variety of restaurants are guarantee for good time in the largest spa in Serbia. For young people, this destination is the most interesting in summer when here is a Love Fest. This festival has already hosted many names like Sven Vath, Ben Klock, Martin Buttrich, Ellen Allien, Markus Fix and many others.

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The capital of Serbia will certainly be found in your plan if you visit this country. About night out you will hear much more and generally everything will be true. However, apart from hedonism, Belgrade will provide you more quality content that will fill your stay in Serbia. One of the oldest cities in Europe had a dynamic history, and traces of various invaders can be found throughout the city. The rich culture of the largest Serbian city could take you most of the vacation, but of course there are sites that should definitely be a priority for the tour. Kalemegdan Fortress in addition to the perfect place for walking and relaxing, treasury of turbulent history of this region. Belgrade Fortress applies to the most beautiful and biggest park in Belgrade, but at the same time a cultural monument of great importance. Here you will see traces of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule. One of the most interesting sites is the Roman well, and central monument that is a symbol not only of the fortress but the entire Belgrade is monument of the Winner. Knez Mihailova Street is considered to be main street of the main Serbian city. This street is because of the houses that are old and two centuries marked as monumental culture. The street is also the shopping center and pedestrian zone so it is ideal to dedicate her a sunny afternoon. Temple of Saint Sava is definitely one place you should visit if you love the culture of a country. This is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, whose construction lasted even 74 years. Raising the Cross, which is made on the spot, lasted 40 days. If you want to feel the true spirit of Belgrade should certainly "go astray" in Skadarlija - a place that still preserves the spirit of the old town. In Skadarlija cafes gathered the most famous Serbian writers, actors, painters and other artists. These are just a few of the attractions to be visited in Serbian capital, and if you stay longer need to stop at the Belgrade mountain Avala, Ada lake, also known as the Belgrade Sea as well as to the Zemun quay, beautiful promenade along the Danube.

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Novi Sad
Another city that definitely deserves to devote the day of your stay in Serbia. Novi Sad you probably known as the location of the famous Exit festival, but this place can certainly give you a lot of interesting content. If you visit Novi Sad (during Exit or any other occasion), there are a few things you should be sure to see. Petrovaradin Fortress is not only the perfect location for a music festival this is a fantastic historical fort with lots of interesting stories and places. The famous Drunk Clock of this fort is a trademark of the city, and next to it there is a beautiful view of the Danube, the bridge and the city. If you pay a visit to the fortress try to find a guide who will conduct you through underground catacombs because there walking colored with mystical stories is somethibg visitors will definitely remember. Danube Park is one of the reasons why you in Novi Sad should get in the spring, summer or autumn grace. Nature in the city, the easiest way to describe the location of Novi Sad. Park is one of the most beautiful in the country, a variety of trees, flowers and greenery will make you relax and enjoy. The central part seems a little artificial lake where you can see a pair of flying swans. The streets Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska make the center of town that has preserved the old architecture and after two centuries. Here you can walk, shop, but also dine or drink coffee. Near these streets is the famous Cathedral of Novi Sad, for which this town is known. If you are here during the summer period should certainly visit the city beach Strand, and if your visit takes a few days go to Sremski Karlovci, romantic town which is famous for its excellent wine.

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If you ever see a spot that promotes the natural beauty of Serbia you certainly spoted a moment where the river goes winding course surrounded by high mountains. For the winding current main culprits are trapped meanrdi of the canyon, which created a powerful sight for all visitors. Who is the nature lover in the canyon Uvac definitely need to allocate more than one day. Lookout Prayer is one of the most popular in Serbia because from there a beautiful view of Uvac. While you're in the canyon Uvac certainly need to peek into the complex of caves, some of them will be a unique experience because it is possible to enter only by boat. Griffon vulture is a trademark of Uvac because this is one of the few habitats in Europe where this beautiful bird is still there, with good guides and a little patience you will see their flight with a wingspan of three meters. A special experience is sure to meet with Uvac from the boat. Rafting on Uvac or Sjenica Lake is extremely popular, and for good reason. Visitors during the rafting have the opportunity to see Griffon vultures, or to navigate through the rich Ice Cave. The entire tour lasts three to four hours. There are also tours that combine rafting with walking so to experience nature of Uvac in the right way.

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Zlatibor is one of the most popular mountain in Serbia. Its secret lies in the preserved nature, but also in interesting locations for tourists. Although packed with guests in the winter, it was very well attended even in summer because of the ideal climate and developed offers for different categories of tourists. The only open-air museum in Serbia "Old Village" is located 20 km from the center of the village of Sirogojno. When you pass through the gates of this museum you entered in Zlatibor (and many other villages) from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Museum gathers all preserved houses that were dragged from different parts of Zlatibor which gives it incredible authenticity so you really lose track of time. Be sure to visit Waterfall Gostilje that is 25 km from the center. This waterfall is proudly offers 20 m with limestone cliff and is a real attraction for hydrological observation. Stopica Cave is located only 19 km from the center of Zlatibor and it is easy to come to her. Basins give the authentic look of the cave, and are its trademark. Museum Sirogojno knitters will show you why the sweaters from this region, which are hand-knitted by local women won the world fashion scene. Zlatibor knitters were first shown their work in the 60s of the last century and soon began to sew for the needs of the fashion centers of former Yugoslavia and the world.

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If you are planning to visit Serbia during winter, Kopaonik is definitely the destination for you. This popular ski resort in the country, according to many can be classified among the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe. The largest mountain range Serbia has snow cover as many as 160 days a year from November until the end of April. At the same time Kopaonik mountain is named Sun because the sun is already here 200 days in year. So who likes the sun and snow Kopaonik is his destination. If it is the first time you step on skis or you are proficient in this sport, you can appoint the one of the many trails for alpine and nordic skiing. Who wants to experience something different can try out and night skiing. This mountain is perfect for fans of adrenaline, because you can enjoy paragliding, rafting Ibar river and mountain biking. Besides skiing Kopaonik winter visitors can enjoy sledding, riding snowmobile and "kwad’s", and rides on a bobsled on rails, "tubing”. Kopaonik during the season has a rich night life, so this is a mountain where you definitely will not be bored.

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City in the south of the country that should be on your tour map of Serbia. This city on the banks of the river Nisava, will give you an interesting tour through history as you went about its attractions. First on the list is certainly Nis Fortress, which has existed for two millennia and testify about it, and archaeological finds. Memorial Charnel House, a collection of ancient achievements and the former prison building are just a few of the buildings that testify to the distinct and conquerors of the area and the fortifications. In addition to the rich cultural and historical treasures Nis Fortress is an oasis of greenery in their city. Skull Tower is a unique monument that you can’t find almost anywhere in the world. The monument is made up of the head of Serb warriors who died in the battle between Turks and Serbs on 31 May 1809. It was built immediately after the battle on the order of Khurshid Pasha, then commander of Turkish Nis, later Grand Vizier. Nazi camp which authentically testify about the events of World War II, also located in this city. Concentration Camp Red Cross is one of the few preserved in Europe. Median is the ancient site that provides insight into the imperial splendor of the former imperial Naissus, preserved many parts such as villas, floors with mosaics as well as economic building.

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Ovcar - Kablar Gorge
Ovcar-Kablar Gorge is another location that can prove you that even a small country like Serbia can have an exceptional natural wealth. Located in the southwest of the country, gorge through which the West Morava in interesting way make her way between mountains Ovcar i Kablar will give you the look that you will remember forever. In addition to the many scenic landscapes, caves and vegetation Ovcar-Kablar Gorge has cultural and historical value because of the many medieval monasteries that are located here. It is about 20 km long. Ovcar-Kablar Gorge is a protected natural monument due to incredible features that unites. Thermo mineral springs of Ovcar spa, then rivers and lakes that make up this complex but also a rich cultural and historical heritage are the reasons why you should devote at least once a weekend to this trump of Serbia. Here is also the maximum depth of one of a gorge in the country and to the place where Ovcar reaches a height of 710 meters. On Kablar is one of the most beautiful lookout points that Serbia has. From there one can see the magical greenery that decorates the mighty gorge, the slope of the gorge specific landscape that resembles a petrified wave. Fast flow of West Morava here was cut with the two dams and formed artificial lakes which their beauty perfectly fit into the colorful landscape of the mighty gorges. Artificial lake Medjuvrsje is a favorite and main among swimmers. Those who prefer a different recreation have marked walking paths and fishermen here often drop by to enjoy their favorite sport.

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