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Beautiful west

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Nature beauty of Western Serbia

Western Serbia is probably the most powerful region of Serbia, when speaking of tourism potentials. It has united unique creations of nature, most visited mountain tourist centres, waterfalls, caves, canyons, history and clean water.

It is necessary to meet Western Serbia slowly, really experience it and not regret spending time on sightseeing. Here are 10 proofs that Western Serbia is really magical place.

Zlatibor mountain, one of the most popular destinations of domestic tourism, is a mountain about which we have written a lot so far. Many would say that this is far too commercialized location with too urbanized centre, but you must know - that is just a small part of this mountain. Zlatibor is still a great place for all those who like to walk or ride a bike through beautiful mountain areas with clean air and intact natural surroundings. It is full of sunny slopes and undiscovered viewpoints that you can visit by using the hiking trails and terrains. Zlatibor is a mountain of natural creations, so there you can also visit the Gostilje waterfall, as well as the powerful Stopica cave. If you visit Sirogojno, an open-air museum with Serbian houses and landscapes from 18th century, you can go back to the past, and feel the spirit of the Serbian village from that period. Nearby, you can also try the specialty called “duvan cvarci”, “kajmak” and prosciutto, while you’re looking at green mountain slopes full of softwood and medicinal herbs. Do not let anyone convince you that Zlatibor is a destination full of cafes and city contents, but research it by yourself. Here you can read everything else about Zlatibor mountain.

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Tara is a mountain which is often known as the new home of people who have lived in the city for decades and then have decided to spend the rest of their lives in nature. There are really many of us who once visited this destination and after that are constantly returning. Of course, that is not a coincidence. It's really hard to describe the natural wealth of Tara and her beauty with words. With photography and with several facts, we will try to get you closer to understanding why this mountain is perhaps the most valuable jewel of this region. Tara is a national park protected by the state and many claim that it is the most beautiful mountain in Western Serbia. Many plants, over 40 species of fish in its watercourses and a variety of wildlife, speak in favor that this mountain is clean and preserved. There are about 120 kilometers of marked mountain trails on Tara, and bikers can be driven on some of the 27 biking trails. The lakes of this mountain are its biggest decoration, but natural beauty is not the only feature of Tara. Here you can visit some necropolis, archaeological sites, as well as medieval fortifications such as the Raca monastery. You can read about Tara here.

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Cer is a mountain that preserves the rich nature and significant historical events, which you must at least once walk in the day or perhaps even during the night with some of the organized tours with guiders. Cer is above all a mountain of history, and by walking through it you will get to know the battle of Cer from the World War I to the details. The viewpoints are the wealth of this mountain, which is located in the vicinity of city of Sabac, and from one of them the mountaineers claim they can see a half of Serbia. The Cer is very hospitable to both walkers and cyclists because it has well-organized trails for both. Apart from the story of the Cer battle and its traces, here you can see the legacy of the Roman Empire and in many ways go back through the past. Cer has its own manifestations.

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Zlatar is a destination that should realize its full potential and stand alongside Zlatibor when it comes to top destinations of domestic tourism. This mountain could definitely become the centre of tourism in Western Serbia, or the centre of domestic tourism offer in general. The main feature of the Zlatar are certainly uninhabited forest areas and a hilly mountain area through which there are numerous well-maintained walking routes. From the top of the Zlatar, called Golo brdo, there is a wonderful view. What should not be missed while you are there is the Zlatar Lake, which has unusually turquoise greenish color, and it looks like one of those photos of exotic locations across the planet. You can read about why you should go to Zlatar at least once – here.

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Zaovine Lake
Another unreal destination of Western Serbia… Although it belongs to Tara, this lake deserves its special paragraph because it is one of the most beautiful lakes that Serbia has. It is located in the southern part of the mountain known as “Flat Tara” (Ravna Tara) and represents the natural link of this mountainous area with Zlatibor. The place is best known for the fact that “Panciceva omorika” has been discovered just there, and now it is a favorite spot for fish and nature lovers. The artificial lake that was being created for several years is surrounded by blue-green conifers which fit perfectly with the turquoise color of this artificial hydro-accumulation. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people come right here during summer, in order to breathe nature in its best edition. The fact that about 50% of the flora and fauna of the mountain is located in the Zaovine tells us about how much this area is clean. All the benefits of this wonderful region can be found in this text.

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Western Serbia is our richest region when it comes to gorgeous mountain regions. Valjevo mountains are a place with a tourism potential that needs to be developed, and Divcibare is the most famous area of one of these mountains. Divcibare, a plateau, but also one of the resorts of the nature of the mountain Maljen, is located nearby Valjevo and hides incredible scenes that are still insufficiently researched. Exciting canyons, waterfalls that are impressive both in winter and summer and viewpoints for the most beautiful photos are the trenches of this settlement, and there are also sites rich in historical heritage. The Crna River canyon is a locality that is very popular among tourists, as well as many waterfalls that are found here. The Church of St. Dimitrije and the memorial of the chestnuts where the remains of the soldiers of the famous Kolubara battle from the First World War are historical legacies, which should certainly be visited. There are the relics of Serbian and Austrian soldiers who died in the famous battle, mostly around Lazarevac. The church is an architectural pearl and is considered one of the most beautiful. It also has a memory significance precisely because of the chestnut that is there.

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The Drina River is perhaps the first association when speaking of Western Serbia. Clean, powerful, beautiful and unique - it's no wonder that according to the opinion of many, it has the title of the most beautiful river in Serbia. Because of its purity it is rich in flora and fauna, and domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly asking for accommodation and rest along the river. Rafting on Drina is widely known among fans of adrenaline tourism. A cruise through its canyon, where the river is peaceful and hospitable, is a relatively new possibility, but one of the most beautiful things that you can experience on travelling in Serbia. Icy Drina is a trump card of Western Serbia, which you must experience at least one time. Here you can read about the cruise on Drina that starts at Lake Perucac, which also belongs to the most popular destinations in Western Serbia.

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Uvac Canyon
The location of Western Serbia, which may have been photographed most often, is the Uvac canyon. Due to its unique meanders engraved in a gorgeous mountainous environment, the Uvac reserve certainly belongs to the top five tourist attractions of Serbia. Uvac should certainly be introduced in two ways. The first is a cruise through the meanders, which is truly an unforgettable experience. The other is walking or driving to some of the viewpoints where you will personally experience the view of the dominant meanders, which is better than any photo from this location you have seen so far. Uvac is also known for its white-headed eagle, a bird that has several places in the world, and which you will surely see during the cruise. You can read about this unusual place here.

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Ovcar-Kablar Gorge
Ovcar-Kablar Gorge is a location in Western Serbia that you must experience. This is an ideal destination that contains both-powerful nature that is rarely seen and cultural and historical contents. The strong West Morava broke its way between the Ovcar and Kablar massifs, and thus one of the most beautiful scenes of nature that our country has had been made. The landscape of the gorge is rich with beautiful landscapes, and on the coast you can meet the picturesque cottages of passionate fishermen. The gorge is also known for its numerous monasteries that are old for several centuries, and for this reason it was named "Serbian holy mountain". The best way to meet it is a cruise, which has recently been organized.

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Waterfall Sopotnica is a wonderful attraction of Southwestern Serbia and is located on the slopes of Jadovnik. It is located in the village of Sopotnica, which is famous for the food and beverages characteristic for this region. Nevertheless, it comes here primarily because of the river Sopotnica and the waterfalls that originate from it 20 km far from Prijepolje. The water that blows and falls, is the source of the name of the river, and the reason why it attracts more and more tourists. The main waterfall is created by the collapse of the river. It is not, however, the only waterfall. With its flow and heat, it occasionally forms more waterfalls that are also worth seeing. Those who were there, say that it is best to visit Sopotnica in the spring because of the large amount of water that gives a powerful appearance to the waterfall. It is also nice, they say, during the winter when the waterfall gets a magical dimension. The village of Sopotnica is known for its dairy products and wooden bowls for cheese and "kajmak", and every household is home of apples or wild pears.

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